Human Beings Let You Down Vinyl + Digital Download (Signed)


Image of Human Beings Let You Down Vinyl + Digital Download (Signed)

This vinyl comes with a download card for digital media, as well as immediate access to a digital download of the complete album upon purchase. Because of the immediate access to media, we will not be accommodating any requests for returns. Thank you for your understanding. **Please note, this item will NOT ship until late March or early April, when the band is home from their US tour.**

If you plan to attend an upcoming show on the Human Beings Tour, you can pre-order the vinyl now and pick up your physical copy at any show you attend with proof of purchase and ID. Simply select 'Pick Up At Show' option in the dropdown menu below. The true cost of the vinyl is $40. **For those selecting the 'Pick Up At Show' option, please note that there will still be a shipping fee on your order, but the the price of the vinyl is decreased to $30 (or $25 if you're in Canada) to account for the unavoidably added shipping costs calculated by your address, which is due to this website's limitations.**

Human Beings Let You Down is The Wind and The Wave's third full-length album, featuring some of the final amazing recordings by good friend George Reiff (RIP), as well as from Billy Harvey, Nick Spreigl, Ramy Antoun, Scott Graham, Chad Salls, Matt Graham, David Butler and Matt Brue. The following is the track list.

01 Follow Your Heart Around
02 Human Beings
03 Lay Me Down
04 Neon Prayer Flags
05 In The Middle Of The Night
06 United By Blood
07 I Am An Island
08 The Grave
09 We Burn It Down
10 People Don't Think People Change


Image of Human Beings Let You Down Vinyl + Digital Download (Signed)